Terry Verhoeven


Terry Verhoeven is founder and Principal of Rights Institute.

Terry’s passion for rights and liberty extends back to 1999 when he was introduced to the writings of Ayn Rand. That introduction led to him becoming a member of and list candidate for Libertarianz, an Objectivism-based political party with a principled platform focused on upholding individual rights. He also took on the role of Libertarianz’s membership coordinator for an election cycle.

For the past twenty years, Terry has been learning, thinking about, and advocating for, individual rights.

Careerwise, Terry has founded a number of successful businesses, including in distribution, sales, finance, and technology. In the 1990s, as a factory distributor for a subsidiary of a Berkshire Hathaway owned company, he recruited, trained and managed more than one thousand sales people, achieving sales targets that earned him international awards. In the 2000s, he pioneered a prompt payment service in New Zealand, Veripay, which dramatically reduced late payments to finance companies. Around the same time he also established and grew a low cost GPS tracking service, Verifind. Both of the latter businesses he sold in 2009. Terry then went on to launch and develop a motivational poster business.

Nowadays, when he is not busy with Rights Institute, Terry researches and writes about Renaissance art.

Terry is available to answer questions about the free short course on this website, and may be messaged either here or here.