This page contains important information for new members of Rights Institute.

1. Preamble

The purpose of these terms is to outline the applicable membership fees, eligibility criteria for membership, terms of membership, and other important information regarding the Rights Institute Initiative.

2. Membership Term

The term of membership is indefinite and may be terminated at any time by either party without reason.

3. Eligibility Criteria 

a. Membership is available to all qualifying individuals who score 100% on the Rights Institute Know Your Rights Test which is found on the Rights Institute website.

b. Rights Institute reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant, regardless of whether they qualify or not.

4. Membership Benefits 

Rights Institute membership benefits include:

a. A free Members Certificate (in PDF) confirming that the member understands an objective philosophy of rights. 

b. Access to the Rights Institute closed group on Facebook.

c. Invites to regional chapter meetings (as applicable – not available in all regions).

d. Ability to upgrade (at a cost) to a Decorated Membership whereby the member will receive the Rights Institute 1oz silver Member’s Medallion, and qualify to purchase other Rights Institute branded products. 

5. Membership Fees 

a. Membership is free to all qualifying individuals.

b. Membership may not be purchased; only a membership upgrade to “decorated” membership may be purchased.

 6. Membership Cancellation 

a. Should an individual wish to cancel their membership, they are required to notify Rights Institute in writing through our Contact Us form on this website.

b. Should Rights Institute wish to cancel an individual’s membership, it may do so by sending an email to the email address that the individual used to register themselves on the Rights Institute website.

c. Basic Membership is free but must be qualified for by passing the Know Your Rights Test found on this website. Any individual suspected of cheating on the Know Your Rights Test will either be retested and/or their membership declined or terminated. 

d. The Decorated Membership fee is not refundable; the Decorated Membership fee includes insured delivery of the Rights Institute 1 oz silver members medallion.

7. Terms of Membership 

a. Use of Rights Institute Name and Logo 

i. Rights Institute name and logo are proprietary and may not be used without permission, nor may they be used as a statement of endorsement. 

ii. To obtain permission to use the Rights Institute name and logo in any manner please contact us via our Contact Us form. 

b. Privacy 

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

c. Communications

As a member you agree that we may email you or phone you with information about Rights Institute and your membership, and request further information about you to service your membership.

8. Changes to this Policy 

This policy may change from time to time. The most up-to-date version of the policy will be made available to members via the Rights Institute website. Members should check this page on a regular basis to ensure they are aware of any changes to the membership terms.